How much does it cost

If your a company we have several packages available on our packages page. 

There is no FEE for students to register on your course and no fee for trainers to apply for you job positions. .

How long does it take for a company to get back to you?

This will vary from company to company, It also depends on how quick they need some training covered. Any jobs you do get or responses back from the company will notified by email so just keep an eye on your inbox.

We are in the process of building an app which will give you alerts

If I post a job is it instant?

No, we have a team checking the posts briefly for spam. The Team work between 7am and 10pm  Monday to Friday and on and off over the weekend. If the demand grows then maybe we will have someone 24/7

This will be changing, We will have an auto submit feature with a report post if anyone spots anything they feel is not appropriate. This will provide instant posts for you and reduce our workload in general.