DB Medical Services

DB Medical Services

Langley Road, Langley, Macclesfield SK11 0DG, UK
07956 681123
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DB Medical Services has been set up to provide First Aid cover at parties, events and any other occasions

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Our Philosophy
DB Medical Services aims to provide a quality service in accordance with, and adhering to, the codes and practices of the British Ambulance Association and the Patient's Charter.
DB Medical Services recognises that patients in their care have the right to be transported with dignity in a safe, secure environment.
DB Medical Services will provide the best possible patient care.
DB Medical Services personnel are highly aware of, and respect, the individual needs of the patient, and their relatives.
DB Medical Services encourages patients and purchasers to comment on the service they receive in an open manner.
DB Medical Services adopts a close working environment with their employees, where dialogue is encouraged and valued.
DB Medical Services will provide every member of its staff with the opportunity to progress and acquire new skills.

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